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Our Story

As just a handful of college students and former high-school athletes, all we've ever done is talk about sports. Since I moved to Utah in 2016, these 3 guys that I call friends have somehow stuck it out with me. Through all the ups and downs, through thick and thin, I could count on these gentlemen, and sports to always remain. Sports have been a constant through all the years, just like the late Vin Scully once said. Kenji and I started 2 Guys, One Mic, No Clue in early 2023 just as an outlet to spew our wild takes and opinions about football, but as baseball season drew closer and enveloped our lives, we realized we needed something new. Enter Four Guys, Still No Clue. In this show we added 2 more members, each bringing their own unique perspective and opinions to the microphone. And as time has gone along we've each developed skills that can be very beneficial to the operation of a show like this. Not only does it give us great experience, it helps us connect deeper as friends and to hopefully give all our listeners a spot at our table. We aim to make everyone feel like sports has a place in their lives, and you don't have to sit at some fancy table at ESPN or Fox to talk about it. But most importantly, we just love talking sports and being together as friends. Quoting one of the greatest movies of all time, "If you build it, they will come", we're building in hopes that more will come. So build we shall. Thanks for being with us. 

- Gabe

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