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2 Guys, One Mic, No Clue

Welcome to 2 Guys, One Mic, No Clue. Primarily a Football Podcast, this is the original program here of The Gabe and Kenji Show. As die hard New York Giants and Green Bay Packers fans, we have our fair share of beef with our favorite teams. Expect some wild takes from Gabe and Kenji as they delve deep into the NFL and College Football.

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4 Guys, Still No Clue

4 Guys, Still with No Clue. In this show we bring in all 4 of the guys, talking life and baseball. Each of us being fans of different teams and players, we'll make sure you get your scoop on all things baseball. Of course, there will be some foul takes. There will be insults, jokes, and banter. But you wouldn't expect anything less, right?

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And now... The Guys.

4 Best Friends who grew up loving all things sports. Teammates in high school, all we've ever done is talk about sports and what we like, and best of all, what we don't. This group of 4 will bring you some of the most interesting takes but will always keep it entertaining and informative. Eye rolling at times? Sure. Making you want to claw your eyes out? Also true. Without further ado, here are the guys. 

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